15 May 2012


At first when he went off to work in other states I would wait dutifully by the phone for his call and basically was a hermit.  Afterall, E didn't want his girl out where she might get hurt. 

Then I realized that he only came home every few months and I would be free from repurcussions if I lied to him about where I was, plus it would be a few months before he would be back.  Surely any transgressions that deviated from his rules would be forgotten by then. 

I started to party.  Hard.  Too much. 

E got word of this and sent his friends to look after me.  Now I wonder what the hell were these 20 and 21 year old guys thinking?  Following around a 16 year old girl, telling her what she could and couldn't do, beating up any guy who showed the slightest interest in even talking to me.  Not only was he a controlling freak, but he had friends to match!  Of course, in my stupid little mind I told myself it was because he cared so much.

I drove to Texas to see him the summer I was 17.  I took 2 friends with me.  I left in the middle of the night and headed out with a map, following road signs.  My grandparents were probably so worried when I was not in my bed the following morning.  I left a note and then didn't bother to call until I reached Corpus Christi.  E was exceptionally wonderful while I was there.  Then when he got back a few weeks later things got worse.  

I found out that he had went on a date with one of my best friends.  She was living with me at my grandparents and they went out.  I also found out that another girl he cheated on me with was pregnant and thought the baby was his.  More and more of these stories came out.  Friends of mine, girls he had introduced me to, I couldn't believe it.  I was devastated.

I told him I needed some time apart.  He was not understanding, he did not care that I was hurt and confused.  I finally did not care what he thought at that moment and I took my time off.  During my hiatus I met someone....

to be continued...    

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