08 December 2013


We had a snow day on Friday. It was lovely. I always love the snows. I like to watch it twirl as it falls to the ground. I like the way everything gets blanketed in white. I like drinking hot chocolate and curling up in one of my super soft blankets. 

I don't like that my schedule is all messed up. I'm worried that we won't have school tomorrow which will put me even farther behind. We only have ten days until the semester ends. During tht time I have a unit test to give, presentations to watch (&grade), and reviews. Plus two days dedicated to finals. T E N days to get everything for semester one turned in. 

But the snows sure are pretty. 

p.s. This is from my phone. Forgive the formatting. 


  1. Oh, the snows. I have a love/ hate relationship with it. I think I would be happy if the dang ice melted!

    1. Yes! I could go without the ice, but everything is so pretty.


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