When you go back home following a procedure, you’ll always be given a card with details about the next visit, the telephone numbers from the Cosmetic Surgeon Lebanon clinic as well as choices involved, to ensure that you are able to e mail us both day and evening. The operated site is going to be covered in dressing. Drugs like pain medications as well as anti-biotics are going to be recommended if found necessary.

A Postoperative instruction will be given to you. (Bruising varies for every person, generally lasts between 2 days to 3 weeks). The dressing and stitches is going to be removed at our Cosmetic Surgeon Lebanon clinic within the appropriate time depending on their locations.

If  general anaesthetic is used after surgery, you will have to remain in hospital overnight. In case Local aesthetic and sedation is used only then do we assist you in going back home within 24 hours with a bit of support.  A bandage should be worn for twenty-four hr in the affected area.

Routinely, we are seeing you two times within the  first week to check the wound and make sure that you’re comfortable. The stiches in many cases are resorbable so it  doesn’t need to be taken away, they just fall off.  Temporary bruising underneath the eyes is typical and subsides progressively following the first week.

Initially, the face will feel stiff and look unnaturally stiffened.  This should subside naturally faster by the use of cold compresses in the affected area.