Your initial consultation is critical. It often lasts 45-60min. Plastic Surgeon Lebanon’s surgeons will aid you to make a good decision regarding your health by selecting treatments that suits you.

Plastic Surgeon Lebanon’s surgeons will focus on you carefully and discuss together your primary goal and expectations. All the latest scientific and technological advancements in cosmetic surgery will likely be explained thoroughly to you personally in an easy and efficient way, like surgical and non surgical “soft treatment” options. Our consultation is made to facilitate good communication, which we think is vital to making successful choices. Being a patient, you may have to spend a great deal of time with our surgeons, along with office staff preparing and planning your procedure.

Whenever you are available for the initial consultation, you will get a really informative education. This education explains the advanced cosmetic plastic surgery techniques used at Plastic Surgeon Lebanon, the science behind it as well as the Twenty-first century approaches for aging & rejuvenation.

Often a computer simulation is performed, to ensure that the person along with the surgeon share precisely the same vision of your treatment.

Additionally, you will have a look at comparisons of both before and after procedure results, and photos from the procedure itself to provide clear vision and understanding on the logic behind each surgical manoeuvre.

Don’t hesitate to inquire about any question. You’ll find the consultation being highly informative, professional, relaxing and non stressful.

At Plastic Surgeon Lebanon, our surgeons give you advice to take with you pictures of yourself, preferably not smiling, when you were younger (20-30 years old), Plastic Surgeon Lebanon’s surgeons will study these photographs to find the volumes and shapes in order to restore the healthy, desirable structure of youth. It will likewise be useful to take images from magazines of somebody that you find appealing. This aids in analyzing the form and proportions of the face area as well as the body shape that you want to attain as well as give us the opportunity to know very well what you think is desirable.

Meticulous planning having a clear vision of the overall result is paramount for aesthetic excellence. The objective is always to look healthier and much more desirable.

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