Before getting back to work you will have to relax completely for that first 48 hrs and really should make sure avoid jarring head movements.  Normal activity could be started again within five days after miniface lift, 8 days after Short scar facelift and fourteen days after full facelift.

You have to be able to read and watch television in 2 to 3 days after surgery.

However, should you put on contact contacts you’ll have to go without one for around two days. Many people feel all set to go in public and to operate in 2-seven days.  If you wear glasses and contacts, you’ll have to remove them for two days.  Most patients feel they are good to go and function in  2-7 days.  In case you feel hypersensitive to sunlight, wind and other irritants for a number of days, a protective eye wear or sunglasses would be helpful.  Keep your activities low for 3-5 days avoiding strenuous activities for about 2 days.

Be particular about activities that cause hypertension, including bending, lifting, and rigorous sport activities.  You may be advised to avoid alcohol drinking as it causes fluid retention.